Innovation System Design Masterclass

Learn the 101 of innovation strategy-making and what it means to transform an organization and its org design for lean innovation to really work.

What the Masterclass is about

Learn and reactivate the ins and outs of contemporary innovation management in a condensed learning experience tailored to executives and experienced innovation professionals who are in charge of large-scale change for innovation a.k.a. establishing an ‘innovation culture’.

The masterclass is also helpful for people in charge of digital transformation as it helps them disentangle some of the overlapping roles, functional departments, and work areas within the organization that deal with digitalization.

Why it is needed

It is hard to keep up with all the recent developments in innovation management. Most executives made their career in operations and never had education or professional training in regards to (really radical or transformative) innovation. This class helps them (re)activate their knowledge and gives them an overview of how vanguard firms organize their dual innovation management and establish an innovation system accordingly.

Why our customers love it

One of our class’ participants summed it up nicely when she said: “This is like a mini innovation MBA.” And this is also what C-level executives appreciate: the latest innovation knowledge condensed and accompanied by exercises, personal reflection as well as lots of practical examples and case studies.

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Some Impressions (Online & IRL)

For whom did we design this course?

This course is for executives who are responsible for organizing the change for innovation and/or digital transformation. This includes people who are in charge of organization design, innovation process (re)design, innovation governance, and many more.

C-Level Executives
  • Gain confidence that organic, home-made growth is possible with the right organization design in place
  • Understand that bottom-up innovation is only possible with top-down enablement
  • Reflect own innovation management and leadership paradigm
  • Understand the advantages of a dual operating system that supports exploration and exploitation
  • Reactivate knowledge about the components of an innovation strategy and how to create an ‘innovation culture’
  • Get a big picture view on how innovation strategy, org design, and innovation portfolio management integrate
  • Innovation Executives
  • Get prepared for frequently made costly mistakes, when setting up vehicles and systems to innovate at scale
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences with peers from other industries
  • Learn about new strategy tools, which enable shortcuts and more speed in establishing an innovation program/vehicle
  • Become aware of better collaboration opportunities between programs and vehicles internally
  • Gain insights into a better dovetailing of innovation programs and vehicles
  • Get inspiration for a (re)design of own innovation vehicles
  • Understand your innovation mandate and leadership role better
  • Innovation Architects, Catalysts and Coaches
  • Find time to collect and reflect own organization’s innovation barriers and how to overcome them
  • Exchange knowledge with colleagues and peers about their innovation barriers and structures in a safe space
  • Gain practical insights into into state-of-the-art innovation practice as well as innovation system and vehicle design
  • Become aware where own innovation process breaks and with which data, facts, and line of reasoning leadership can be convinced to change it accordingly
  • Gain more empathy for colleagues who have to do exploration-oriented work (pirates) and vice versa: understand the constraints of people in the core organization (navy)
  • Locate yourself better in the big picture of innovation at your organization
  • General Innovation Professionals
  • Understand why you need to be treated differently in terms of innovation leadership style and metrics, depending on the playing field and innovation pathway your team operates in
  • Learn about the particularities of innovative product/service development and management in large(r) companies and why this is very different to a normal startup
  • Acquire a language skill on the topic of lean innovation management, which helps better navigating the company and finding arguments when dealing with superiors
  • Agenda of the days

    • Welcome, Check-In, and Setting the Stage
    • Problems, Barriers, Hacks — The Struggle with Diffusing Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Scrum in Big Organizations
    • Team Innovation 
Barrier Mapping I
    • Dual 
Transformation — 
Conceptual Basics 
Of Strategyzing 
For Innovation
    • Types of 
    • The 101 of 
Modern Innovation Management
    • Journal Reflection
    • Innovation Vehicles 
and Pathways
Deep Dives into Selected Vehicles (e.g. Kickbox Programs, Catalyst Networks, Labs, Incubators vs. Accelerators, etc.)
    • Team Innovation 
Barrier Mapping II
    • Innovation System Mapping Team Exercise
    • Gallery 
    • Change by Design 
(for Innovation): 
Case Studies — 
UK Governmental Digital Services, IBM, Intuit
    • Organising the Change
 for an Innovation 
Culture System
    • Option: Team 
Case Study Work — Design a Minimal Viable Innovation System
    • Guided Conclusion Discussion
    • Outro & Check-out

    How we balanced the design of this course:

    • Theory
    • Doing/Experimentation
    • Case Studies/Peer Learning
    • Reflection/Discussion

    What's in the package?

Knowledge Activation

    Refresh your knowledge 
with access to two mini online presentations on “The Basics of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Scrum” as well as “Digital Disruption”, which are 
included in this package.


    Our support team will do a tech and logistics onboarding session with all participants before the course starts.

    Extensive Learning 

    You will receive PDFs of presentations, posters, and templates we use in the course.

    Access to Peer-Group Innovation Community

    You will join a protected 
workspace with fellow innovators for knowledge exchange. And if 
you like: also the ones from 
former cohorts.

    Post-Course 1:1 Coaching

    If you want, you can make use of a 45 min one-to-one coaching session with one of the facilitators in the weeks after the course.

    Certificate of 

    You will receive an electronic letter and certificate of completion.

    Next-Level Online Learning

    Our IRL trainings are always full highly interactive team work and experiential learning. That's why it was our ambition to create such a cutting edge experience remotely as well. To do this, we set up a live-streaming studio environment that allows us to create engaging, TV-like interactive learning experiences for you. So, we promise: you won't experience those standard and boring screen-share Zoom or Teams presentations with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions for This Course

    Yes and no. Even though we have world-class expertise especially in design thinking and solid one in Lean Startup we designed this learning experience methodology-agnostic. This means: we won’t go into the nitty-gritty details of diffusing isolated management ideas (which we would advise against anyway). What we will rather show and discuss is their high-level interplay and the organizational prerequisites to really adapt and adopt them successfully. This is totally independent of any particular method(ology) or hype-of-the-day approach. The format, however, has a bias towards the more fuzzy frontend of innovation and its later implementation pathways. So, we will not cover too much agile project management topics like Scrum, Kanban or even SAFe LeSS, as there are already hundreds of existing formats for that in the market.

    Yes. We also offer a one-and-a-half, a one-day, and a half-day version of the class. So, you can choose depending on availability. However, we highly recommend convincing yourself/the board to make some more time for the future of your organization. Even if most of the implementation work will later be delegated to VP-level managers and below, we’ve learned that it takes a while to really gain a common understanding of how to think and structure innovation strategy also within leadership. This means the more open space we have during the day(s) to discuss that in the leadership circle the more you will also gain from it. You can find our contact data here.

    Yes, of course. It is a great knowledge activation for every innovation professional, as it gives an overview of all the structures management has to build, to ensure your teams can work frictionlessly. It will also show them the complexity, trade-offs, and decisions management will have to make. That might lead to more empathy and a better understanding between your teams and your leadership. At best it also gives them a better sense, what their role is in the greater scheme of things of a big organization. So, we believe, it’s worthwhile for innovation teams in non-leadership roles as well.

    Yes it is. The digital space will — of course — feel different to interacting IRL. But as many teams these days are remote only, or in parts are dispersed around the world, it is a welcome opportunity to get used to this ‘new normal’ of collaboration. We promise: it is also very rewarding and fun to master the details of digital collaboration tools. And you can just copy and paste all the tools and templates we use during the days for your further work. This is very convenient and really speeds up things.

    Tailored to your organization

    All of our courses and trainings are designed with internal innovators in large and mid-sized organizations in mind.

 We can tailor a version of the “Innovation System Design Masterclass" that suits your organizations situation, needs, and industry context.

    For details please get in touch with us.

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    Book an initial free consultation. We will be happy to guide you through this program’s details and assess whether it is right for your current situation.

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