Innovation System Design Webinar

Recording of a teaser webinar on Innovation System Design at Shanghai Connectory with TeamPlus.

Innovation System Design Webinar

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Several studies have shown that companies, which invest in innovation during a time of crisis outgrow those who didn't invest by up to 30% post-crisis. In this one-and-a-half-hour webinar, Jan will discuss why organizations should use the turmoil and create a well-oiled (eco)system, which supports intrapreneurs to create new business models beyond just incremental improvements to come out stronger post-crisis. You will gain insights into the innovation practice of vanguard companies and how they scaled agile approaches such as design thinking and Lean Startup in their organizations. You will come out with a more holistic understanding of the interdependencies of metered funding mechanisms; the design, and the interplay of innovation vehicles; as well as how a lean innovation funnel can be organized.

Other Topics Covered

  • Why isolated innovation vehicles, like labs or accelerators alone, rarely work.
  • Why the setup of current innovation funnels is like a gauntlet running for innovation teams.
  • How a lean innovation funnel that removes barriers for innovation teams should look like.
  • Which vehicles vanguard innovators use beyond labs and accelerators to feed their funnels.
  • Why becoming innovative is more a consequence of management systems and org design and not staff training and isolated innovation projects.

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