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Challenges we co:solve 
with our clients and partners

Example jobs-to-be-done we got and get hired for:

C-Level Executives
  • Help creating a ‘culture of innovation’
  • Facilitate the development of an innovation strategy
  • Make organisation more “agile” / support the digital transformation
  • Design and run executive trainings with a focus on innovation
  • Reflect and reshape innovation governance
  • Innovation 
  • Help designing and establishing an innovation vehicle or program 
(e.g. Kickbox, catalyst program, incubator, etc.)
  • Develop legitimization aid towards top management and the core organization
  • Support the activation and implementation of the innovation strategy
  • Advise in ‘scaling’ design thinking and Lean Startup
  • Innovation 
Catalysts and Coaches
  • Run train‑the‑trainer masterclasses
  • Provide method deep dives (e.g. on user research, experiment design, etc.)
  • Co:design the learning organization for innovation
  • Give legitimization support for better management buy‑in
  • Product
and Teams
  • Co:staff team with 
hands‑on expertise lacking in the organization
  • Provide training on‑the‑job (e.g. on topics like design thinking, Lean Startup and business model innovation, etc.)
  • Provide ad-hoc (remote) support in projects
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