Want to work with us? These profiles are what we are currently looking for:


We are permanently looking for freelancers with the following profiles to join our expert network:

Growth Hacker

You love to run channel and growth experiments and you are always on the lookout for new clever ways to outsmart existing ways of doing business with the power of digital? Then we’d love to get to know you.

Venture Architect

You come with board room polish, are good at managing expectations with a variety of stakeholders, and know, how to build and defend a business case not before but during the validation of a new venture? Then many teams need you: urgently. And so do we. Get in touch!

Lean Inovation Coach

Are you a design thinking and Lean Startup advocate; patient with product and innovation teams for whom this might still be uncharted territory; and enjoy helping them learn the methodology, how to conduct experiments, and eventually achieving first successes in their first projects? Great. Please, let us chat!

UX Designer

You are passionate about frictionless, delighting end-to-end user experiences that transcend all silos of an organization and even the boundaries of a partner ecosystem? You are not “just” a designer but think business model, too? Then we’d love to get to know you.

Design/User Researcher

You love to investigate human experience and behavior? You know how to visualize both, your research data and insights into compelling sense-making and design artifacts? You also don’t hold a grudge against quant research, databases, and dashboards? Then you are a good fit. Call us!

Permanent Positions