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We support organizations in innovating their innovation management.

co:dify at a Glance

Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary network of experienced innovation researchers and practitioners with a focus on ‘change by design’. We analyze the innovation approaches and practices from the most progressive companies in the world and co:dify them into learning formats and innovation programs. This enables us to provide our clients the latest thinking, frameworks, tools and facilitation for a sustainable self-help in developing an innovation culture. The core network was founded by Jan Schmiedgen, Ingo Rauth, and Kira Krämer, is run by Christian Rudolph, Jan Schmiedgen, and Elias Barrasch and consists of freelance facilitators as well as partner consultancies. Our expert and partner network encompasses 100+ domain specialists.

In the past we have been operating in the background as ‘firefighters’, facilitators and scientific advisors for a variety of innovation consultancies and organizations.

During that time we have been participant observants of many change initiatives, in particular those who aimed at introducing ‘Agile’ ways of working in organizations (read: design thinking, Lean Startup, etc.). We saw lots of innovation theater and flashes in the pan. We also saw dogmatic and almost religious devotions to certain method(ologies) and management ideas. What we observed very rarely was a deliberate and strategic build-up of innovation capabilities. Such first-hand experience combined with years of innovation research led us to the decision to co:dify our knowledge on how to sustainably scale ‘human-centric innovation systems’ and partner with those clients who really want to make a difference. Together with them we will co:dify their tailored innovation approaches.

How? Read more on this website, soon.

With Whom We Work

Our Latest Writings

IBM: Design Thinking Adaptation and Adoption at Scale

How IBM made sense of ‘generic design thinking’ for tens of thousands of people. Continue reading → [ Read the full story ... ]

Hack Your Org’ — A Plea

How to diffuse a (service) design mindset without permissionIrrespective of whether you call it Service Design, User Experience Design, Human-centered Design, Design Thinking, or Lean Startup: human-centric and hypotheses-testing managem... [ Read the full story ... ]

How Design Thinking Turned One Hospital into a Bright and Comforting Place

Long dreary corridors, impersonal waiting rooms, the smell of disinfectant — hospitals tend to be anonymous and depressing places. Even if you’re just there as a visitor, you’re bound to wonder, “How can my friend recover in such an awfu... [ Read the full story ... ]

How SwipeSense Makes Hand Cleaning In Hospitals As Easy As Wiping Them On Pants

We go to hospitals expecting to get better. But in many cases, they only make you sicker. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 2 million Americans contract Hospital Acquired Infections, resulting in 100,000 d... [ Read the full story ... ]

The Link between Data Triangulation and Brainstorming Facilitation: Design Thinking at AirBnB

AirBnB is kind of a role model for »designpreneurship«: Entrepreneurs with backgrounds in design professions who start companies, which increasingly set the tone in an environment of digitalization. We visited Sasha Lubomirsky, the Head ... [ Read the full story ... ]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! [ Read the full story ... ]

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Our Newest Learning Experiences

Our name says it all: we love to co:dify and curate knowledge to make it accessible to innovators and leaders in charge of large-scale change in organizations. Besides our standard trainings in design thinking, service design, and the like we permanently push the frontiers to create new learning experiences for topics of higher complexity. These are our most recent (co-)creations:

Innovation System Design

Our brand-new format on large-scale culture change for C-level managers, innovation leaders and change agents. Learn the basic vocabulary of modern innovation management and how to design digital transformation initiatives in an agile way.

HackThe.Org — Leapfrog Your Innovation Culture

Your colleagues complain about innovation barriers and how hard it is to innovate against the odds of a big organization? This format makes you stop lamenting and start sharing culture hacks to make things happen: subversively, grass-roots, and like a real lean entrepreneur. Ask forgiveness — not permission!

Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Development

A three day HPI Academy training for more experienced project managers, design thinking coaches and product owners who want to enable their teams to detect innovative solutions and implement them successfully. We will focus especially on the interplay of design thinking, Lean Startup, and ‘Agile’. co:dify’s Jan Schmiedgen co-created the course and will be one of the facilitators of the days.

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