Claudia Brückner (M.A.)

Transformation Facilitator, Design Thinking Coach

Claudia is a culture transformation facilitator with deep experience in workshop and "meeting culture" design. She helps teams to improve their work culture in their sphere of influence in an instant.

“I help making organizations more human.”

As a transformation facilitator, Claudia accompanies the transformation of teams and individuals. Always with one central goal in focus: that people feel alive and effective so that work is time well spent. She does so by supporting teams in creating the cultural and inner conditions for a holistic and, thus, sustainable transformation toward an adaptive and effective organization. 

As an experience designer, Claudia creates and facilitates purposeful formats and learning experiences – from intimate gatherings, productive workshops, and interactive training to large-scale conferences. She empowers teams to develop and moderate effective and energizing meetings and workshops to create productive and trusting virtual, physical, and hybrid collaboration.

As a Design Thinking Coach, she has been teaching and coaching for several years for the HPI School of Design Thinking as well as the HPI Academy.

Recent Writings