Innovation System Design Cards: Facilitation Masterclass

Learn how to use the cards in your culture change work to enable transformative innovation (H3).

For whom did we design this course?

We created this class for people who work in or with larger organizations and search for better ways to facilitate strategic conversations on establishing support structures for innovation to create a “culture of innovation” eventually.



Innovation Architects, Catalysts and Coaches
  • Learn how to use the cards to create understanding and buy-in from (non-innovation) executives
  • Visualize and discuss the interfacing of different innovation vehicles within your organization to improve your pathways
  • Get inspiration and impulses from the cards to (re)configure the building blocks of your innovation system
  • General Innovation Professionals
  • Understand the critical role of a seamless interplay of support structures and the consequences of the lack thereof
  • Recognize your own role, location, and value contribution within your (non-)existing innovation system
  • Use the shared language to understand better and play your part in improving the system with colleagues
  • Consultants
  • Provide clients with an overview of the range of options on how to organize innovation professionally
  • Use a visual language to support abstract org design and process work with influential non-innovation experts
  • Structure your own thinking with the help of the cards
  • Agenda

    Jan briefly explains how the cards came into being and how their genesis connects to his personal story and some of the stories of former clients.

    Jan introduces an often encountered and typical scenario of an organization that has already tried agile innovation methodologies like design thinking and Lean Startup for a while but eventually realized that they weren’t sufficiently interfaced and can’t unfold their potential due to typical innovation barriers in the organization.

    We will repeat common problems our stand-in scenario company faces, which it needs to overcome eventually. We will also briefly touch upon frequently encountered innovation bad practices, myths, over-promises, and wishful thinking.

    Jan will show how thinking innovation systems can help overcome the problems debated before. He will walk participants through an example visualization of an innovation funnel created with the cards. Along this funnel, we’ll discuss the interplay of mandatory and nice-to-have building blocks of a potential innovation system that accelerates transformative innovation instead of hindering it.

    • Walk-through through an ideal-typical funnel and its pathway(s) for transformative innovation
    • Brief explanations of critical building blocks within this example
    • Zoom-in into one example “innovation vehicle”, to show cards might be used in detail


    Jan (and the group) will share tips on how to use the “co:dify Innovation System Design Cards” in facilitation or consulting work. We will also touch briefly upon how a “sense and respond” process might look like to arrive at such an innovation system.

    We will discuss specific starting positions of (your) organizations and clients depending on innovation maturity. For each starting position, we will exchange use cases for the cards’ application.

    We will leave plenty of time for the open part of the day to have space for both questions and the exchange of experiences from other participants.

    How we balanced the design of this course:

    • Theory
    • Doing/Experimentation
    • Case Studies/Peer Learning
    • Reflection/Discussion

    What's in the package?

    Access to Video Module

    You will receive lifetime access to an insightful and entertaining video module for one of the cards: “The Definition of Innovation”

    Miro/Mural Board

    A license of the digital whiteboard version of the cards is included for each participant.

    Facilitation Material

    You will also receive useful working posters, which you can use in conjunction with the cards in IRL and online facilitation contexts.

    Next-Level Online Learning

    Our IRL trainings are always full highly interactive team work and experiential learning. That's why it was our ambition to create such a cutting edge experience remotely as well. To do this, we set up a live-streaming studio environment that allows us to create engaging, TV-like interactive learning experiences for you. So, we promise: you won't experience those standard and boring screen-share Zoom or Teams presentations with us.

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