Innovation System Design Card Set

The building blocks of an innovation ecosystem. Great for strategy work with corporate executives and innovation architects.

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What it is

A card set with 120+ innovation “building blocks” for larger, established organizations, some of which Jan Schmiedgen has co-designed and witnessed in the last decade of his consulting and research work. He originally created the cards for his Innovation System Design Course, where they play a key role for mapping out examples of an innovation system and its respective pathways.

The cards are available as PDF for self-printing, as Miro/Mural files, and if enough people support our crowdfunding, soon as a printed card set too. There is also a free preview version available. All proceeds from the card sales go into the further development of the same (a roadmap and backlog for v2.0 can be found here).


Innovation System Design Cards: PDF Version
Innovation System Design Cards: PDF Version (available in English and German)

Miro / Mural

Innovation System Design Cards: Miro and Mural Boards
Innovation System Design Cards: Miro and Mural Boards (English Only)

Crowdfunding: Physical Set

Innovation System Design Cards: Printed Version
Innovation System Design Cards: Printed Version (English Only)
For Whom it is

Originally they were designed to give C-level and innovation executives an holistic overview over what a real coherent innovation (eco)system might look like and also to help them map out quickly and visually the current state of theirs. Another purpose they serve, is to give all kinds of people responsible for innovation an overview over the different (next- and best-practice) options on how to organize innovation. Because oftentimes we found, they are not even aware of a small fraction of the latter, which makes them fall trap to “the three steps to …” quick-fix programs or to have an innovation lab reflex.

How To use it

You can download a short Facilitator’s Guide here: German (DE) | English (EN)

Best used with

You can use them in all kinds of constellations. We often map them to a lean innovation funnel visualization and show how each vehicle gets activated depending on the project/product progress the teams have reached.