Lean Innovation

/liːn ˌɪn.əˈveɪ.ʃən/

A combination of discovery, creation, and value delivery approaches in an organization’s innovation process. The goal is to reduce ‘waste’ in the pipeline of new business exploration projects. To name but a few examples of waste in this context: untested customer/problem/value proposition or business model assumptions, insufficient validation of prototypes/experiments with customers, or, even carrying forward political and zombie projects. Usually, three main methodologies are used in lean innovation: design thinking, Lean Startup, and ‘Lean processes’. 

Marion Tucker summarizes ‘Lean Innovation’ as the ability of an organization to “identify new opportunities through the use of design thinking […]; the ability to quickly, and with fewer resources, develop, prototype, learn, validate, and improve business solutions [via Lean Startup]”; and finally the “ability to apply lean processes [[author’s note: here: beyond just TQM, Six Sigma, etc.]], which enable teams to reduce waste, make incremental improvements, and eliminate the bureaucracy that often hinders innovation” .

Another influential proponent of the concept, Steve Blank, says: “Lean Innovation management combines [the] Three Horizons of Innovation with the Lean Startup to deliver an Ambidextrous Organization.

In summary, this means that at a process level Lean Innovation is all about fast learning (cycles), while at an organizational level it is about the creation of an environment — or innovation system — that enables this way of working.


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