A collaborative process of creating shared awareness and understanding out of different individuals' perspectives and varied interests. Or in short, the process by which people give meaning to experience. [ » read more ]

Service Design

The application of design thinking to the improvement or creation of services. [ » read more ]


A startup is a temporary organization used to search 
for a repeatable and scalable business model. — Steve Blank [ » read more ]

Strategic Innovation

Pursuing ‘innovation as a discipline’ with a clear innovation strategy in place, and an innovation system derived from it. [ » read more ]

Strategy Fit

The inflection point a corporate startup reaches when it obtains certainty that the new value proposition and business model it designed aligns with its parent company’s business and/or innovation strategy. [ » read more ]

Sustainable Innovation

Innovation that creates economic benefit within the boundaries of social and environmental capital. [ » read more ]

Synthesis (Design Thinking)

Synthesis is a mode in design thinking where a team makes sense of the data it collected during user research. The team creates "models of reality" (e.g. affinity diagrams, journey maps, personas, etc.) to gain a better understanding of the (research) problem at hand and uses them in both internal and external communication. [ » read more ]