There Are no »Products«, there is Only »Service«.

Rethinking corporate strategy with service‑dominant logic

This is a talk, Jan gave at the UX Day 2017, where he shows how a service lens might help the German industry to innovate closer to the market a.k.a. customer. Unfortunately, the video is only available in German language. This was the announcement text:

“All those in Germany who are clamoring for digitalization, product-service ecosystems, business model innovation or even platform businesses should listen to this talk and check whether they already have the appropriate guiding philosophy for their strategic thinking. In his talk, Jan Schmiedgen will show why a product-fixated strategy mindset could become the Achilles’ heel of the German economy and why a possible way out of our engineering culture dilemma could be a stringent service logic of business. Because even in the land of machine worshippers, the following applies: people don’t buy products, they look for solutions! Companies should know which, because the maxim holds: “Before you build things right, build the right things first!” The lens of service-dominant logic can be very helpful here.”

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