Innovation Stickers

We have packed the best-of of our mottos, mantras, and sayings on product and innovation into a sticker set. Have fun with it!

Oscar Wilde once said, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” This motto resonates very much with us at co:dify. Because the daily follies in large organizations we encounter in our work leave their mark on the people we work with daily and ourselves. After all, contrary to popular stereotypes, the act of “bringing something new into the world” is anything but glamorous and fabulous. It is exhausting, sometimes unexciting work that primarily consists of facing permanent resistance from one’s organization, the wider environment, and often politics and society. As an intrapreneur or innovator, you can only endure this if you have a thick skin, an unconditional will to create, or a sense of humor. We think it’s best to have all three.

Therefore, the kind of humor we have developed in the Corporate Innovation Bubble is a bit peculiar and speaks for the (hopefully also somewhat charming) professional déformation we have cultivated with our clients over the years. Evidence of our déformations professionnelles are our Innovation Villagers and now brand new, a sticker set designed by our same favorite illustrator. The set comes with fun quotes*, mantras, mottoes, and sayings used daily in the product and change agent teams we work with. We hope you enjoy the stickers as much as we do. You can order them physically here and install them in your favorite Messenger apps using the links below.


You can also download the stickers as image files and create your own sticker pack for your Messenger app: Download PNG files.

Many of above phrases have become such a natural part of our day-to-day lingo that sometimes we no longer know for sure who the original author of each saying was. But we are confident that some originally came from these pens: IDEO, Edwards Deming, Steve Blank, Mike Lemur, John Seddon, Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Stefan Kaufmann, Grady Booch, Joe Kaeser, David Bland, GDS, Abraham Taherivand, Safi Bahcall, Gary P. Pisano, and Benoît Godin. We hope you’ll enjoy the stickers as much as we do.

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