Design Thinking Camp 2020

Stephan Raimer and co:dify bring this year's meetup of the German-speaking Design Thinking scene to the virtual world

Corona threw a wrench in everyone’s plans. This year’s DT Camp, the oldest open BarCamp of the German-speaking design thinking community, was also affected. Actually, it was supposed to take place from April 24 to 25 this year in Zurich. Everything was organized. Many participants — including us at co:dify — had already booked hotels. And then it came, the tiresome lockdown …

We know the organizer of the camp, Stephan Raimer, for many years and appreciate his commitment to the community very much. Therefore, we had a short discussion with him and decided to help him transfer the format into the virtual world. Some friends from the industry (Claudia Imfeld) and the HPI community (Karen von Schmieden, Benedikt Ewald) also joined in on short notice to help organizing it. We also decided to open it for participants outside the D.A.CH. region.

We didn’t really know what was about to happen and had expected around 150+ participants … well, it ended up being a few more: over 2,000 participants, from over 30 countries to be exact. Gosh, that was a really great experience! We took the spirit of the event with us and now try to go through the Corona period in exactly this positive and forward-looking mood. So once again a thousand thanks to all session hosts and participants!

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