Jan Schmiedgen on Design Thinking in 2022

A Product Quest Podcast Interview

Jan recently got interviewed by the creators of the Product Quest Podcast, Yann Wermuth, Jonathan Edwards, and Scott Burleson, about his personal history and stance on Design Thinking (DT). The Product Quest Podcast closely connects to the Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) philosophy and methodology. Therefore, you can not only learn from Jan about the phenomena of applying Design Thinking after all these years of hype in the industry but also enjoy some JTBD-related shop talk from all four, which resulted from the smart questions asked by the hosts. Have fun listening in!

Part 01 — Spotify | YouTube
Contents: Personal history with design, “Project/Product DT” vs. “Workshop DT”, phenomenon of cargo cult
Part 02 — Spotify | YouTube
Contents: co:dify’s view on DT, Jan getting confused with and trying to make sense of the term “consumption jobs”, reflections on the commonalities and differences of DT and JTBD

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