Digital Transformation Needs an Innovation System

Take a look how GDS created a large scale support system for their Transformation A.

In most big organizations, not only government, service design and design thinking live a rather isolated life somewhere in the org chart. Small UX/digital/you-name-it teams are trying to cut across silos and often are busier with awareness, legitimization, and training work than really getting things done. One reason for that is that their organizations weren’t ready and willing (yet) for the profound change required and the support systems that need to be installed to really diffuse designerly ways of working in their organizations.

The English government, of all organizations, was willing to take these steps. And it did so boldly in the last ten years with its digital transformation program Governmental Digital Service (GDS). And even though it is a government entity it can also serve as a role model to organizations in the private sector, which often are not strategic about their org design, too.

In this session, Martin Jordan, Head of Service Design at GDS, guides us through a virtual poster discussion. You will gain exclusive insights into GDS’ support system and operating model for their agile work teams. Martin and Jan will touch upon a variety of innovation and support vehicles, that might also serve as an inspiration for your organization. The session consists of an interview-like input (60%), followed by a discussion with other participants (30%).

The “Online Poster”

This is the Miro presentation poster the two used, if you want to look through it in detail.

The Cards

You can also download the cards we used in above presentation as a PDF or as above Miro Board for your own use. Feel free to remix and use them as you like. All images are Crown Copyright/Open Government Licence v3.0.

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