Becoming the Weatherman

How to create a presentation setup for professional online-facilitation

Corona caught us cold. Whether we are internal catalysts, facilitators, design thinking/lean startup/innovation coaches, or consultants — all of us who create learning experiences and facilitate collaboration within a group of people for a living must now make the transition to digital. All our interventions and tricks to keep attention and hold spaces, we now have to try to represent digitally mediated. Jan has observed that the use of tools such as Zoom, Miro and Co. is less of a problem for most professional facilitators. But what many do not manage to do well due to technical barriers is to design convincing and energetic presentations and other media beyond just ‘Powerpoint-Karaoke’. Here we can get better and learn in many ways from extreme users like YouTubers, e-sports players and TV moderators like the proverbial ‘weatherman’.

In this session Jan therefore presents in some detail a technical (video mixer) setup, which really does justice to professional use. The session is suitable for all those who have to live from online lectures, teamwork, and workshops and who might want to professionalize their setup.

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