Online Course: Introduction to Agile Teamwork — Three Methods for Successful Innovations

A Zeit/HPI Academy Co-Production with Selina Mayer, Flavia Bleuel, Dr. Holger Rhinow, Markus Andrezak and Jan Schmiedgen

“Agile Teamwork” — Course Teaser Video

Agility is on everyone’s lips, but it is often not really clear what colleagues or other third parties mean when they demand a “more of it”. It is also not uncommon to find different factions within just one organization that adhere to a specific agile methodology and defend it as the “one true way of doing things”.

The key question: What is the problem for which [insert agile approach here] is the solution?

We at co:dify have also been able to observe the Babylonian confusion of language on the topic. We even witnessed unnecessary and unconstructive turf wars, e.g. between Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Scrum advocates. We are therefore all the more pleased to announce today that we were allowed to contribute to a Zeit/HPI Academy co-production in which the topic of agility is explored in a beginner-friendly way. Within the course, the three aforementioned main agile approaches are highlighted along with their similarities and differences. This is especially useful for organizations, teams, and individuals who are just starting their agile transformation journey. And even if they have already started it, they can reflect on it again. In the course co:dify’s Jan Schmiedgen presents an introduction to the Lean Startup methodology.

The time investment for the course is around four hours. It can be completed in German and English. Detailed information can be found on the Zeit Academy website:

For those who would like to read up on some of the course content in advance, we recommend this three-part Medium article series by Dr. Holger Rhinow from the HPI Academy. For our German-speaking readers we can also heavily recommend subscribing to Markus Andrezak’s Twitch channel “Strategiemachen”, where he and other fellow German product veterans exchange thoughts on these topics. This complements the course nicely.

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