Elias Barasch joins Tech4Germany

Elias Barrasch is joining the Tech4Germany Fellowship Program of the Bundeskanzleramt.

The program identifies and connects outstanding digital talent and digital trailblazers who are committed to the digitization of government in Germany, in the hope that they can create momentum for its transformation and implement the first concrete measures.

Elias has always been passionate about creating a better, learner-centric way of lifelong learning, be it with alternative pedagogical teaching and schooling concepts in the Education Innovation Lab, or with andragogical interventions for large organizations as part of our consulting work, as well as facilitating countless training programs.

He will now apply this experience to the development of innovation vehicles in the Federal Ministry of Finance. Initially, the plan is to set up an “innovation lab”.

We sincerely keep our fingers crossed for Elias, his comrades-in-arms at the ministry as well as at Tech4Germany that they will be able to make a valuable contribution to the transformation of our often Kafkaesque administration and really get the chance to establish the first steps towards a culture of citizen-centricity and (digital) innovation in the public service. We do this also on behalf of all citizens and taxpayers, who have felt, at the very latest with Corona, what an enormous digitalization deficit this country has.

At co:dify, we tend to be pessimistic about the reformability of the civil service with its civil service and party-politically influenced structures — also from our own experience. But the pessimism of the mind is always accompanied by the optimism of the will — and this is especially true for Elias and the Tech4Germany Fellows. So: go Elias! And, go Tech4Germany, go! We are really glad to have pioneers like you. 😉

In line with the topic

England is one of several countries that can already show great successes in their public administration when it comes to digitization and citizen-centric services (keywords: service design, design thinking, agile ways of working, etc.). Here is a short and here a long insight into how the development of digital services works there.

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