Terms related to »Digitalization«


A way of carrying out a particular task. Often comes as a detailed set of step-by-step instructions on what to do. Often used as a synonym for ‘method’. [ » read more ]


A person who prefers and practises a mechanistic application of tools (canvases!) and prescriptive processes (the ‘six stages’ of design thinking!) instead of embracing adapting systems and letting teams think for themselves. [ » read more ]


A profound or even radical change to an organization's form and structure, which supports a departure towards a new future direction. [ » read more ]

Types of Innovation

In simple terms, there are different areas or subjects one can ‘innovate upon’: 1) on operations and internal processes; 2) on products and services; 3) on business model and strategy; and 4) on the organizational design and its management systems. [ » read more ]